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Latte' Da

4.6/5 rating (11 votes)
Latte' Da

Delicious Beverages hot or cold, what you crave the way you want it.

Tasty treats sandwiches and goodies for that rumble in your tummy.

Convenient walk up, drive thru, or ask about delivery.

Our Story

Kaylee Flanagan has always wanted to have a coffee shop. She, her husband Raymond, and a bunch of their family have created Latte' Da...that darling little drive thru on the south end of Eureka. Come by for something to eat and a delicious drink made to order and cheerfully served.

Latte' Da has selected some of the best brands of beverages that you can find. Montana Coffee Traders, indisputably one of the finest coffees available, supplies their Viennese Blend espresso and Montana Blend for drip coffee. The baristas of Latte' Da trained with them so you know that your coffee, each espresso individually ground, is excellent to the last drop. Add one of the Monin syrups, “made with the finest ingredients and authentic flavors,” famous Ghirardelli chocolate or caramel sauces, and your choice of dairy or non-dairy milks. Latte' Da is proud to serve award-winning, premium David Rio Chai - varieties vanilla, tiger spice, or green. They offer sugar-free options for all drinks. You can have your coffee or chai hot, iced, or frappe'd. You will get what you want the way you like it.

Sometimes a milkshake or 100% fruit smoothie just hits the spot. Latte' Da will whip one up freshly for you.

When you're hungry for something sweet or a sandwich, stop on by. They have biscotti, muffins, cinnamon rolls, Seattle's Favorite cookies & desert bars, as well as an incredible gluten-free/sugar-free cookie. And, for lunch or anytime snack come by to get a turkey or ham sandwich made with Montana Market deli meats and cheeses.

Walk up and drive thru during business hours or call 406-297-7668 to ask about delivery from 8 to 12 Mon. - Fri.

Latte' Da, quick & convenient, cheerfully serves you delicious drinks and goodies. Do yourself a flavorful favor!

What Warm & Fuzzy Coffee Drinkers are saying about Latte' Da...

Thank you Latte' Da! you always brighten my day! P.M.G.

Kaylee, my drink this morning was perfection! L.R.

The hot spot! Awesome service and everything tastes great! J.I.P.

Kaylee, your cinnamon rolls are to die for!!! Light, puffy, sweet......its a good thing Kerry and I didn't share just one. One of us would have been very unhappy! L.R.


  • Telephone: 406-297-7668
  • E-Mail:


  • Street: 100 Riverside Dr.
  • Postcode: 59917
  • City: Eureka
  • State: Montana