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Rejuvenate Massage Center

4.8/5 rating (12 votes)
Rejuvenate Massage Center

Licensed Massage Therapist customized treatments to help you relax, heal and feel better.

Aromatherapy with doTerra essential oils.

Office or Your Home the convenience of choosing whether you or she travels for your massage.

Our Story

Breean Reyes, as a massage therapist, for over 10 years, has learned and developed massage treatments that will make you feel better, more relaxed, and help you heal from soft tissue injury.

Breean has experience with a variety of massage techniques. Swedish is a relaxing massage that is great for stress release. Deep tissue work helps with chronic pain areas and rehabilitation of injuries and sore muscles. Hot Stones give a deep heat treatment of tissues that is relaxing and is also great for arthritis. Her Prenatal massage helps with back pain and fatigue and all the changes that occur with pregnancy.

She has also studied aromatherapy techniques and applies them using doTerra essential oils. "I chose them because of the company's commitment to purity and because they have committed to source their oils from plants growing in their native environment, ensuring their beneficial properties." Aromatherapy can be relaxing, emotionally soothing and supportive of physical health. This is due to the calming, invigorating, or antimicrobial effects of the essential oils that Breean chooses.

Rejuvenate Massage Center is located just south of Eureka in a darling building that was rejuvenated by Breean and her husband, Justin. Massages are by appointment only. There is a list of available appointments in her office if she is in session or out of the office when you stop by. Prices are as follows: $45 for 30 min., $60 for 60 min., and $75 for 90 min. You can have your massage in the comfort of your home for an additional $20 per appointment. Breean will also bring her massage chair to your workplace - a lovely treat for your employees and colleagues! Call for details.

Book your massage at Rejuvenate Massage Center and start feeling better today!

What People are saying about Rejuvenate...

"I have been going to breean for 4 years. Since I have been to her, I haven't been to a chiropractor! And I used to go every week. Breean is amazing and not only with her hands but I love our deep and fruitful conversations. :) " D.M.

"Breean is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. It doesn't matter what problems I have when I go in, I always feel 100% better after a session with Breean. Her Hot Stone massage is awesome when I just want to relax and you can't beat the price!" H.P.


  • Telephone: 916-218-2384
  • E-Mail:
  • Hours: By appointment


  • Street: 114 Riverside Dr.
  • Postcode: 59917
  • City: Eureka
  • State: MT