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Elrod Chiropractic

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Elrod Chiropractic

Gentle Chiropractic holistic care for your entire life.

Health & Wellness through a healthy lifestyle.

Caring for your whole Family we want you to realize your potential!

Our Story

Dr. Alice B Elrod has a gentle approach to Chiropractic that can help you and your family live a more healthful life. The focus at Elrod Chiropractic is on what you need to achieve and maintain wellness.

Her Chiropractic practice draws from Sacro-Occipital and Palmer Techniques. She integrates soft tissue work, including Trigger Point and Acupressure therapies, as well as Cranial Therapies into her sessions. Dr. Alice also offers advice on nutrition, fitness and ways for you to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle so that you can live life to its fullest!

Back pain may be the most common reason patients seek the expertise of a chiropractor, but chiropractic treatments can address far more. Dr. Alice works with clients who have acute or chronic issues including headaches, neck pain, sciatica, tmj syndrome, to name a few. The improper function of the nervous system causing the pain may result from accidents, sports injuries, be hereditary or come just from everyday living. Because chiropractic healthcare is holistic care, you can count on Dr. Alice to be concerned about your overall wellness. This aspect of chiropractic care is, in fact, preventive healthcare which she greatly encourages and promotes.

Elrod Chiropractic is a base for massage therapist, Carlos Florey, whom you can call for an appointment at 406-471-5595. Also, the Community Birth Center of Kalispell has their outpost clinic here several times a month. This fabulous group of midwives offer pre and post-natal care as well as a free woman's wellness checkup. Call them at 406-260-4455.

The office of Elrod Chiropractic is located in uptown Eureka, directly across from Montana Market.

At Elrod Chiropractic we want to help you realize your potential!


  • Telephone: 406-297-3422
  • E-Mail:


  • Street: 100 Dewey Avenue
  • Postcode: 59917
  • City: Eureka
  • State: Montana