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Recycle Drive in Eureka Montana

Recycling Drive for old Electronics

Update, October 23: The E-Waste Drive was a fabulous success! Big thanks goes to our volunteers - The LCHS Key Club, Dave, Sioux, Dennis & Makina, AND our supporters - Montana Market, the Feed Bin, and Koocanusa Plumbing.

Saturday, October 17 from 9:00am – 1:00pm in the Interbel Warehouse parking lot (next to the Historical Village in Eureka).

Don't miss this opportunity to Responsibly and Safely recycle your outdated or unusable electronic equipment. Recycle Eureka is partnering with Lincoln County and Collective Recyclers, a Montana-based recycling company, so that you can get rid of your E-waste at no cost to you. Collective Recyclers contracts with ECS Refining ECS Refining. They are certified in securely taking information off of phones and computers and in safely removing and disposing of toxic materials.

Electronic products (E-waste) are part of the fastest growing category of what we throw away. The EPA estimates that we dispose of 142,000 computers and over 416,000 mobile devices every day in the US! Sadly, only about 12.5% of E-waste is currently recycled.

It is not just the sheer volume of this E-waste that creates a concern as it fills our landfills, but also the toxic materials in electronic products that leaches out into our environment. E-waste contains 70%of overall toxic waste entering landfills. This includes the heavies such as, but not exclusive to, lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, barium and beryllium. They can cause many health problems, including cancer and development and neurological disorders, if they pollute water, land, and air. They should be properly disposed of or recycled.

The materials accepted are: all TV's, all types of computers with their components, fax machines, microwave ovens, DVD and VCR players, all types of phones & internet connections and their components, digital cameras, stereos, radios, cables and cords, gaming consuls, and computerized lab equipment.
NO: light bulbs, alkaline batteries, ink cartridges, or appliances other than microwaves.
In addition to E-waste they will take and reuse or recycle all types of textiles, clothes, footwear, bags and purses, toys and stuffed animals (NO board games) and books (NO magazines).

For a complete list of materials and more information find (and like) Recycle Eureka on Facebook.

Lincoln County Environmental Health will be hosting the E-waste drive for Libby at Kootenai Disposal on Fri. from 3 - 6, and Sat. from 9 – 2 and also in Troy at the Mini Mall on Fri. from 12 - 4. For information about this call: 406-283-2441 or check their Facebook Page.

Sponsored by Collective Recyclers, Kootenai Disposal, Lincoln County, All Systems Go, and Recycle Eureka

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Rethink

Alice Elrod

About the Author: Alice B Elrod is a longtime promoter, supporter and contributor to our community. I love living in this glorious valley. There are so many people here who ardently strive to help out and it's a pleasure to pitch in when I can. Writing for visitNWmontana gives me a chance to know more about our community lets me invest some creative time in getting the word out about how wonderful it is to call this place home. I also have the privilege to be involved in the community by working with the Creative Arts Council, Recycle Eureka and through my chiropractic practice, Elrod Chiropractic.

Hiking in NW Montana

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Where are we and how do you get here? Fly into Glacier National Park Airport (FCA) or Spokane International Airport (GEG). Eureka is 7 miles from the Canadian (Roosville) Border and 67 miles east of Libby or 51 miles north of Whitefish.

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