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Experience the Eureka Riverwalk

Experience the Eureka Riverwalk

The Eureka Riverwalk is a special place in our valley. Meandering along the Tobacco River and easily accessible from the Historical Village, it is a great place to experience nature while still very convenient to town. The Riverwalk started off as a dream by Andy Ivy, long time local physician in the area, and gradually gained momentum as numerous individuals, organizations, the County Commissioners, the town and the two Co-ops worked together to make it a reality. With this community support, grants and fundraising, the piece of land which was owned by Lincoln Electric Co-op and Interbel Co-op, was turned into a lovely and accessible public space that can be enjoyed by all ages. The asphalt trail which is maintained year round is ideal for people walking, families with strollers, joggers and cyclists. Along the way are benches for those who like to sit while watching the osprey or the salmon. There are interpretive signs which give the history and fauna of the area. There are even fitness stations which explain what one can do to stretch and strengthen. It is unusual to walk the trail and not see a neighbor or a lucky tourist who happened upon it. Even in the early morning one often sees joggers or serious walkers doing the two-mile loop of the Riverwalk. Of course one does need to be 'bear aware' as wildlife also appreciate the area and its proximity to the river. Take a bit of time from your list of things to do though and amble along the Riverwalk which is especially beautiful this time of year as the aspen turn gold. Be thankful to Doc Ivy for his dream and to the non-profit community group that continues to keep the Riverwalk beautiful.

Rita Collins

About the Author: Rita Collins. I am a believer in the power of community and for now I call the Tobacco Valley home. I have lived in nine states and three counties and this community here amazes me - how people reach out to neighbors and even travelers. I've never lived in a place that demonstrates people caring for each other so well. And I've never lived in a place that has such a high percentage of talented musicians and artists. I work with the the Sunburst Community Service Foundation, a nonprofit that began in Eureka twenty years ago and now serves numerous communities in western Montana. And I just started a new business, St. Rita's Amazing Traveling Bookstore and Textual Apothecary. I never could have imagined life being this exciting in my sixth decade.

Hiking in NW Montana

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Northwestern Montana is a charming area of quaint towns, millions of acres of state and federal land, hiking, camping, waterfalls, rock climbing, fishing and hunting, skiing and snowmobiling. We offer an impressive collection of shops, art galleries, golf courses, bed and breakfasts, spas, and restaurants not to mention annual events such as the Bull Thing, the Ten Lakes Snowmobile Fun Run, and the Eureka Montana Quilt Show. Enjoy the outdoors and the small town spirit that makes you feel right at home. Stay for a short trip, or meet with a realtor to find out about owning your own little piece of Montana real estate.

Where are we and how do you get here? Fly into Glacier National Park Airport (FCA) or Spokane International Airport (GEG). Eureka is 7 miles from the Canadian (Roosville) Border and 67 miles east of Libby or 51 miles north of Whitefish.

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