Sometimes Ya Just 'Click'

221 Dewey Avenue is where ideas are thrown around, and on rare occasions, something actually comes together.

It was a Friday. Sandi stopped by to talk to Rob and Matthew "221 Dewey Design" about designing a brochure for a new business plan she was working on. Sandi wasn’t feeling it and the guys were not all too thrilled either. That’s where the conversation took a turn. “You know, the biggest thing that disappoints me is that both ‘VisitNWmontana’ and the ‘Pick’ websites aren’t moving forward now since Tommy, Clover and Adam have moved away. Somebody needs to pick that up and run with it!”

Earlier that day Sandi had been on the phone with the creator of, Clover Kincheloe, and was feeling a loss for our community that this site was no longer moving forward after she and her family moved to Texas. “Why don’t you buy it?" Clover suggested.

“You guys need to buy it,” Sandi strongly suggested to Matthew and Rob. Matthew quickly shot back, “Why don’t you buy it?"

And now here we are six months later, finally going "live." Please feel free to join the journey on Facebook at visitNWmontana, with stories and photos, as we hike from the foothills to the mountain top in this ongoing community venture.

Sandi's Story

I LOVE the Tobacco Valley – always have! My history is here: my great grandparents homesteaded here…I was born here …my children grew up here … I have owned businesses here. I am rooted in this community and I’m passionate about the people, places and events– this is the place my family and I call home.

Eureka has been considered “a little slice of heaven” and it is worth sharing! While I was considering my next business venture, I heard people refer to me as “The Walking Billboard for Eureka”. That was when it hit me hard! was the answer. The Tobacco Valley is not just my home; it is my family, my friends, and our community! I hope that you will join us for a day, a week, a month or a lifetime.

Rob's Story

After taking several vacations in the area and never wanting to leave, my beautiful wife, Pat and I made the decision and worked out the details to move our family and digital graphics business from Orlando Florida to Eureka Montana.

I remember distinctly the last day of each vacation, looking up at those snow covered peaks with the beauty of the weather patterns flowing around them. I remember the people, holding no pretense of who they were or who they thought I was. They simply stated things as they were. I like that.

Early June, 2007, we packed up from Orlando and set out on our journey. Driving a U-Haul, with family in tow, (Pat “Wondering what we were getting ourselves into”, two sons Mark and Jamie “living the dream”, and 3 dogs “translation unavailable”). Three thousand miles later I recall making it thru Whitefish and heading towards Eureka. It was early evening, sun setting low in the sky, painting long shadows across the country side. Lord, what a beautiful place this is!

Seven years later, the rest of the story is being written every day, no regrets, but peace of mind that I am thankful we took this chance, this journey, this adventure.


Our Mission: to inspire, promote and help build and sustain NW Montana through stories, blogs, photos and fun – one person, one business and one experience at a time.


When we are fully engaged, we connect with, laugh with, and uplift the lives of our directory subscribers and readers. Sure, it starts with the promise of a great headline, but our work goes far beyond that. It’s really about human connection.


We’re called partners, because it’s not just a job, it’s our passion. Together we embrace our talents to create a place where each of us can do what we do best. We always treat each other with respect and dignity. And we hold each other to that standard.


It has always been, and will always be, about community. We’re passionate about the folks who live here, play here and who want to be a part our community; and improving the lives of people who make that a reality. Our work is never done.

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