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Trish Lea

4.6/5 rating (18 votes)
Trish Lea

Portrait Photography in natural settings.

Published in the "Professional Photographer" magazine.

Native Montana experience.

Our Story

I am Montana made, there is no argument. I had spent 22 years in the great Tobacco Valley but after a few life changing events I decided to take my anti-college stay in Eureka forever mindset, on a road-trip…..to Wyoming. I had tinkered here and there with portraiture, mainly using friends and family as guinea pigs, and knowing I would probably never make it to being the next Patsy Cline, I thought best to pursue photography. I researched school after school. The Brooks Institute in California of course being my first choice I did not feel the debt was quite worth it. After a 2 hour conversation with a professor out of Powell, Wyoming, it fit. I studied 2 years at Northwest Community College and strongly recommend the area, people and of course, the education. In 2008 I graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in Photography and a minor in Business Math.

With no idea what to do next, I returned home in hopes to open a small portrait studio. At this time the economy in the valley did not support such luxuries as portraits so off I went again. I have visited over half of our countries states and several other countries to include Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada & Norway. Mostly photographing people, these adventures have perked my pallet for scenic photography as well. As many beautiful places as I have seen, my heart is in Eureka, Montana and the surrounding valley. Off on an adventure as we speak, stay tuned to see when I will finally get to settle in Eureka and open my gallery/studio. I hope to see you all soon.

What happy customers are saying about Trish Lee...

"Trish did the photo-shoot for my sons graduation photos. She did a wonderful Job. You will not find a more down to earth, talented photographer in NW Montana. -Robert Good.


  • Telephone: 406-212-8721
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  • Street: 207 Dewey Avenue
  • Postcode: 59917
  • City: Eureka
  • State: Montana