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RT Pest Control

4.7/5 rating (12 votes)
RT Pest Control

Pest Control by a knowledgeable, certified expert.

Locally Owned & Operated Ricky has a vested interest in the health of our community.

Environmentally Friendly products safe for your family and pets.

Our Story

R.T. Pest Control has the solution to whatever's bugging you, be it spiders, ants, termites, or most types of flying insects. Ricky Tullis is certified and licensed to kill the pests that are making your house less comfortable than you and your family deserve. Just because you live in the woods doesn't mean the insects of the wild should move in with you.

R.T. Pest Control prides itself on doing the job quickly, safely, and honestly. Ricky is very knowledgeable about the products he uses and how they work to eradicate the pests. He won't sell you anything you don't need and will do everything he can to take care of your infestations. He offers you a choice of a one time application but encourages you to get on his maintenance plan. After the initial treatment you pay a monthly fee that takes care of anytime he needs to come out during the year. The products he uses are viable for 3 months, so you can expect that he'll check with you then. However, he guarantees that anytime the bugs crop back up he'll come back and take care of them. You're covered under his plan.

R.T. Pest Control uses products that are toxic to bugs but safe for your family and pets. The active ingredient is inside tiny capsules that the insects land on, pick up on their bodies, and take back to their nests. There's not enough to hurt you, but plenty to take out an entire colony of pests.

Why be bothered by buzzing, stinging, crawling, or house-hungry insects? For pest control you can trust, give R.T. Pest Control a call.

What happy Patrons are saying about us...

Wasps and hornets are always a problem at the Fair Grounds. Try as we might, we are not able to get them under control. Several weeks before the Fair, RT Pest Control came to the rescue! Using safe sprays that are not harmful to animals or humans, they took care of our problem. We know Fair goers will appreciate their service as much as we do! What a great service and for a reasonable price too! It is evident that they take pride in the work they do. Professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Thank you Ricky Tullis and RT Pest Control! -Lincoln County Fairgrounds.


  • Telephone: 208-871-2196
  • E-Mail:
  • Hours: 9:00 - 5:00 Mon - Fri
    also by appointment


  • Street: P.O. Box 2333
  • Postcode: 59917
  • City: Eureka
  • State: Montana