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Can Do in North Lincoln County

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Can Do in North Lincoln County

Prevention of substance abuse – an ounce is worth a pound of cure.

Students working to help students prevent drug & alcohol abuse.

Helping Our Youth to reach their full potential.

Can Do, a non-profit organization, has a mission: to promote the health and safety of North Lincoln County youth through substance abuse prevention programs, education, and enhanced law and policy enforcement.

The definition of Can Do is: “having or showing an ability to do difficult things.” Since 2007 Can Do has been doing just that in their campaign to prevent substance abuse among our youth in North Lincoln County. They channel the energy of LC High students, who have pledged to be substance free, to present programs in our elementary and middle schools. Board member Ranita Dieziger says they especially target fourth graders (aged around 9 years old) because statistics show that, shockingly enough, some kids may start substance use as early as the fifth grade.

Can Do believes that Prevention truly is worth a Pound of Cure. This is the focus of their projects in our schools. Red Ribbon Week, an annual happening in the U.S., is one example. Held during the last week of October, it is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign designed in the honor of two law enforcement officers who were brutally killed in the line of duty by drug dealers. During that week Can Do youth present programs to all of the Tobacco Valley elementary and middle schools about the dangers of substance use and ways to avoid being sucked into it. They also have a Graduation Card Project in which they send cards to all 8th graders and high school seniors encouraging them to stay safe and sober during their graduation celebrations. The Cards emphasize that they are valuable and deserve a substance-free chance to succeed.

Furthermore, Can Do offers a scholarship program, applicable toward higher education, to Seniors who have been involved with the program. They write a one page essay answering 3 questions about their participation in Can Do, including what they have learned and how they will use the knowledge of this experience in their future.

Can Do has partnered with other Lincoln County groups to tackle this task, indubitably one of the most important problems facing our area. Unite for Youth, which has helped the High School begin it's “Join the Pride” program, Best Beginnings, which focuses on younger children, and concerned community members are banding together to encourage our youth to stay clean and sober.

Can Do meets on the second Thursday of the month in the vision net room at LCHS. They welcome you to be a part of their board or in some way to pitch in and be part of the solution. Our children and community deserve it.


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