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Kreative Mayhem

4.3/5 rating (10 votes)
Kreative Mayhem

Games of Strategy table-top terrain, flat board, and card games.

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Great Customer Service knowledgeable and enthusiastic; they'll help you find the perfect games for you.

Our Story

Kreative Mayhem sells games of strategy. Games with a three dimensional tabletop setting, flat board playing fields, cards...or a combination, thereof...that will spark, challenge, and develop your imagination.

Games with tabletop terrain such as “Star Wars, X-Wing,” “Warmachine,” , “Warhammer 40K,” and “Hordes” offer the opportunity to design a personalized three-dimensional army and playing arena. They utilize role-playing minature steampunk/magical characters, cards to describe the characters and landscape, various props representing various powers, and dice to determine strengths, moves, etc. Kreative Mayhem has a wide selection of figurines and landscape options as well as the Citadel Hobby Supplies tools to assemble and paints to individualize them. .

Board games, for example “Zombies Keep Out” and “Fortress America” (described as “Risk on steroids!”) require a smaller investment in money and time and tend to be easier to transport. Same, with card games such as “Infernal Contraption” and “Magic – the Gathering” with it's thousands of cards, many which are collectable. Some of the 3-dimensional games do offer a card option...”Warmachine High Command” is one. Kreative Mayhem carries these and many more so that you are sure to find one to suit your fantasy.

Table top gaming's roots go back thousands of years. Various chess-like games arose from many ancient cultures. Chess, as we know it, became very popular in Europe during the Renaissance as both a recreational activity and a tool for teaching strategic thinking. Notably, military wargaming became a training technique of the Prussians in the 19th century and it's contributions to their warfare successes inspired the use of wargaming in Armed Forces worldwide. H.G. Wells s, although a pacifist, was fascinated by strategy games using miniatures and is attributed with introducing the activity as a form of entertainment in civilian life. Two of the best known modern strategic games are Parker Brother's “Risk,” 1959, and the role-playing “Dungeons and Dragons” which was designed in the 1970's by Gary Gygax & Dave Areneson. The combination of all of these elements fueled an explosion of board/mini/role-playing games development and popularity in the 1980's that continues to this day.

Zack Barrett, owner of Kreative Mayhem, has had a passion for difficult and involved games for as long as he can remember. He will enthusiastically answer your questions about the games available and help you find the one that is right for you. His prices are competitive, typically below suggested retail, and he is happy to make special orders. Kreative Mayhem plans to have tournaments on Saturdays so check out the community calendar on this site for dates and times.


  • Telephone: 406-297-7600
  • E-Mail:
  • Hours: Tues - Thurs 12:00 - 7:00 p.m., Fri 12:00 - 8:00 p.m., Sat 12:00 - 10:00 p.m.


  • Street: 123 Dewey Ave
  • Postcode: 59917
  • City: Eureka
  • State: MT