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Interbel Telephone Cooperative

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Interbel Telephone Cooperative

Founded in 1962 Owned by its members.

Broadband is King! A plan and price for everyone.

Grab Your Mouse & Go! Sign up for InterBel DSL today!

Our Story

Founded in 1962 and owned by its members, InterBel Telephone Cooperative continues to lead the technology charge with a vision to the future. Over the last six years InterBel has deployed fiber to the home (FTTH) to 70 percent of our rural customers, with plans to reach everyone by 2020. FTTH allows Internet speeds upwards of 1-Gigabyte of service and is unsurpassed by any other technology today or the foreseeable future.

In 2016, InterBel announced new faster broadband packages, offering symmetrical speeds of 20, 50, 100, 250 and 500 Meg, along with a 1 Gig package for the most serious need for speed. At 90 percent, InterBel has one of the best take-rates for broadband in the country, backed up with experienced, 24-7 tech support. We sell our broadband with no upfront costs and a free modem to get you started. Wi-fi routers are available as an upgrade at a discounted cost to our customers. Visit our site interbel.com for more details on packages and broadbandMT.com for the new Montana Statewide Broadband Report.

When it comes to a landline and long distance calls, InterBel provides the best reliable service and continues to be the carrier of choice by 95 percent of our co-op members. With one simple plan, InterBel long distance cost 15 cents a minute. If you are a broadband subscriber, you can bundle 1,000 minutes for only $25 per month.

Having 23 full-time employees, InterBel does more than provide communication services. Our success over the years has allowed us to become involved with community support activities ranging from college scholarships and education to events like Rendezvous, Shakespeare in the Park, school sports, Kidsville, the Tobacco Valley Rodeo, Bull Thing and more.


  • Telephone: 406.889.3311
  • Hours: Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm


  • Street: 300 Dewey Avenue
  • Postcode: 59917
  • City: Eureka
  • State: Montana