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G's Homemade Ice cream

4.6/5 rating (27 votes)
G's Homemade Ice cream

Homemade rich and creamy deliciousness.

Quality Ingredients Gregg's attention to detail makes all the difference!

11 Flavors of Ice Cream His own mouthwatering recipes and he'll take requests.

Our Story

Back in 2011 Gregg Caley thought Eureka needed an ice cream stand. He envisioned a really great ice cream stand that would be welcoming, fun, and serve incredibly delicious homemade ice cream. He's created it. “Ice cream makes people happy,” Gregg says, “It's fun to watch their eyes light up when they taste my ice cream.”

That cute little building on Dewey avenue with the colorful picnic tables, music piping out into the courtyard, and a big ice cream cone on the front...that is G's Homemade Ice Cream Stand. Hang out with friends and family in its laid back park-like atmosphere...in the warmer times. He'll keep 'er open through winter months as long as you keep demanding his ice cream! If the sign says “Yes,” it's open and if it reads “Nope,” it's closed.

Gregg likes to offer at least 11 flavors at any time. He makes up a lot of his own recipes, often taking suggestions from customers, and does a lot of research on how to make a better product. His ice cream is 15% butterfat cream which makes it creamier, thicker, richer than most out there. He uses quality ingredients such as real berries, nuts, vanilla, and as many natural ingredients that he can. The proof, as they say, is in the ice cream.

“Everyone has their own taste and favorite flavor.” And so you can choose from 4-Berry, Oreo, Strawberry/Banana, Salty caramel with pecans (did I just hear you say “Wow!?”), the best Butter Pecan you'll ever love, his rich vanilla….and whatever other fantastic delight that Gregg has dreamed up. Get them on regular or waffle cones, in a bowl, or take a quart of your choosing to go.

G's Homemade Ice Cream…what a treat!

What happy Patrons are saying about us...

"Great Icecream! We love to stop whenever we are in Eureka. -Robert Good & Son.


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  • Street: 501 Dewey Ave.
  • Postcode: 59917
  • City: Eureka
  • State: Montana