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Deep in the Woods - Part 4

Deep in the Woods

Gluttonypart 4 of an 8 part series

High on the hunt for mushrooms, my Neanderthal genes flooded endorphins into my bloodstream. I scrambled from one honey-hole to the next. Over logs, under trees, sometimes bashing extremities into whatever came my way. My pony tail holder got caught on twigs and ripped out of my hair. I couldn’t pull myself away from the temptation. My water bottle remained full and lunch time whizzed by.

In becoming an adult (recently) and accepting responsibility, I cannot blame my pursuit on the forest fairies any longer. But I do blame my greedy soul envisioning short term goals (stuffed morels for dinner) and long term goals (dehydrated mushrooms to last the winter).

If your nose is close to the ground and you don’t lift your head to observe your direction, how can you see the bigger picture?

Stick to your budget like it’s the gate to paradise. (Preparing a budget is way back in the planning stage if you don’t have one, best sharpen that pencil.) A fantastic practice is to run your daily operations on the sale of four widgets and put the money from the fifth sale on the side for the cyclic downturn--or if you’re blessed—for future expansion. Saving is especially important in a summer tourist community, because winter winds howl just over the hill.

Dawn Peterson

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