Webb Mountain Trail #435


Access I : From Highway 37, cross Lake Koocanusa Bridge (15 miles south of Eureka) and proceed south on the FDR # 228 for 1.2 miles, just past Boulder Creek. The trailhead is located on the west side of road #228.

Access 2: From Highway 37, cross Lake Koocanusa Bridge and proceed North on the #92 road. Continue for approximately 2.8 miles and turn onto the Boulder Creek Road # 337. Continue on Road #337 for 9 miles, and turn onto Road #7179. Continue on Road #7179 for 3 miles, until the 7179 "F" spur. This spur provides access to the Webb Mountain Lookout, as well as the Webb Mountain Trail.

Attractions & Considerations

The Webb Mountain Lookout is located along the trail route, and is available for rent. This trail is also part of the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail which spans from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean, crossing Montana, Idaho, and Washington.


Developed in 1930 with a 14'x14' Columbia Falls "redi-cut" cab, this unique structure was replaced in 1959 with the present 10' concrete base topped with an R-6 flat cab.There was also a 35' tree platform 1/2 mile west of the lookout. The cabin is on the Recreation Rental program, and was threatened by a forest fire in 1994.

Trail Info

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 4.13
  • Use: Light
  • Beginning Elevation (ft.): 2,626
  • Ending Elevation (ft.): 5,936
  • Elevation Gain (ft.): 3,427
  • Elevation Loss (ft.): 117
  • Recommended Season: Summer-Fall