Lost Trail Stories 'Episode #6'

Upwind, If You Please

Eureka, January 7, 1915 Upon the motion of Eureka Commercial Club member W. A. Mikalson, the secretary was instructed to correspond with the proper railway officials in regard to the removal of the stock yards to a more convenient point on the industry track extension.

Lost Trail Stories 'Episode #5'

No Democrats or Socialists Need Apply

Chehalis, Wash., November 12, 1914 In their desire to make a clean sweep for the republicans in the recent election, the electors in one precinct elected a dead man to office. W. M. Crow, candidate for constable, was accidentally killed two weeks before election.

Lost Trail Stories 'Episode #4'

Off the Beaten Path

Eureka, October 8, 1904 Rev. Blackburn’s wife had a trying experience on her arrival here, owing to an error in purchasing her ticket. Mrs. Blackburn wished to go to “Dewey”, and on being informed that there is no such station on this road she, not knowing that Dewey had been changed to Eureka, asked for a ticket to Tobacco,

Lost Trail Stories 'Episode #3'

McBroom’s Rival

Eureka, October 8, 1914 The wonderful growth to which products attain in Tobacco valley is evidenced by a large turnip on display in the Journal office which was grown by L. C. Drake. The turnip is 43 inches in circumference and weighs 21 pounds.

Lost Trail Stories 'Episode #2'

Poor Prognosis

Medford, Ore., June 25, 1914 James King, a carnival snake charmer, was bitten by a Gila monster in the presence of scores of women and children, dozens of whom fainted. King became hysterical and fell in a collapse in the pit. Attaches pried the reptile’s jaws apart and rushed King to the hospital. His life is despaired of.


History of Eureka Montana

At the turn of the 20th Century the Tobacco Valley had scarcely been discovered by cattlemen and a few homesteaders. For centuries before it had been one of the main habitués of the Kutenai Indians. Although there were some minor incidents, for the most part the Kutenais settled peacefully on reservation land immediately north of the International Boundary.